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Who Are The Best Sales People?

I am always asked about how I sell.  Everyone I talk to seems to have their own perception about selling and their own selling ability, which is usually negative.  This is surprising because as people in the workplace, we are constantly ‘selling’ our views, products, services and influencing relationships.

The key to success, salespeople are constantly told, is to follow specific steps and techniques. Just heed the advice of this guru or that speaker, and you’ll be the best!  Well, that approach just doesn’t work for most salespeople and certainly does not for me.  The most successful salespeople, Gallup has determined from decades of research, understand their innate talents and strengths and use them to sell more effectively.

The truth is, no two great sales people are alike: You might thrive on fierce competition, while a colleague wins by being a super-analytical problem solver.  Or maybe you have a tremendous talent for building relationships, while your fellow top performer is a brilliant strategist.  What’s most important is that you win business your way.  In my case, I have Learner as one of my dominant strengths and over time I have ‘learnt’ to use this to build relationships and influence others by using my curiosity about people to learn what is important to them.  Once I understood this, my energy and success naturally improved.

If you are interested in exploring more, please join us on our Strengths Based Selling programme.

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Being Human Group seeks to empower people, positively disrupt workplaces and change the way people lead by using the science of strengths.

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Magriet Mouton

Magriet is a co-founder of the Being Human Group. Magriet has over 15 years’ experience in strengths-based conversations and coaching, providing services to corporates, global SME’s and government across a range of industries including telecommunications, blockchain, insurance, marketing, financial, learning and development, labour and non-profit. Magriet is a Gallup Certified Coach and Approved Trainer for the Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course.
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Being Human Group seeks to empower people, positively disrupt workplaces and change the way people lead by using the science of strengths.

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