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10 Reasons Why HR should embrace Coaching

Gallup suggests that whilst the world’s workplace has been going through extraordinary historic change, the practice of management has been stuck in time for more than 30 years. Whilst there have been many changes, we can perhaps focus on two that impact HR directly. Traditional performance management systems are simply not working, and today’s employees, particularly the millennials are asking for something different. They want a coach, and not a boss. In other words, how we engage, relate, develop and provide meaningful feedback are seen as important, when looking for employee engagement and performance improvements.

So, here are 10 reasons why HR should embrace coaching as a skillset, methodology and approach for those that lead and manage others:

# Today’s workforce has far more racial, cultural and gender diversity than prior generations – ways in which respect is shown, contribution is valued, ways in which people are actively included and trust are important

# Millennials make up more than 50% of the workforce and in some industries, such as IT, even more so – they want purpose, flexibility and feedback

# Up to 70% in the variability of employee engagement scores is attributable to the actions of managers – so, managers need to be skilled workplace coaches to better manage individuals and teams

# Employees want more meaningful feedback and recognition that enable them to grow and develop – in other words, how we converse with each other is important

# Employees who are actively involved in setting goals with their manager are nearly four times more likely to be engaged

# Employees who receive daily feedback from their manager are three times more likely to be engaged

# There is a shift to pairing performance measures with employee strengths development and growth

# Employees are looking for a job that is customised to their individual life situation and will stay for the learning, experience and growth that goes with it – this does not necessarily mean promotion or more pay

#  HR is ideally suited to champion a coaching approach as they partner with the business, though many do not spend enough time coaching or necessarily have the skills for it

# Finally, a coaching approach can be used to build future work competence, be that – building relationships, developing people, leading change, inspiring others, thinking critically, communicating clearly and creating accountability.

Coaching then, can be a valuable part of the organisational development and effectiveness approaches used by organisations. It is an extremely valuable skill set for leaders, managers and HR practitioners, who are instrumental when building an effective organisational culture. Such an approach moves away from seeing coaching as a stand-alone initiative for individuals and teams and begins to position coaching as part of the DNA of an organisation.

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Being Human Group seeks to empower people, positively disrupt workplaces and change the way people lead by using the science of strengths.

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Being Human Group seeks to empower people, positively disrupt workplaces and change the way people lead by using the science of strengths.

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