As a small business owner, you know that success hinges on more than just a great idea. It requires the right talents, strengths, and skills to turn your vision into reality.

Gallup's Builder Profile (BP10) is designed to help you identify and leverage your unique entrepreneurial talents, empowering you to build and grow your business with confidence.

What is so unique about Gallup's Builder Profile?

Identify Your Unique Strengths

Uncover the 10 talents that are most critical to building and growing a successful business. From risk-taking to relationship-building, discover where your true strengths lie.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Stand out in the marketplace by harnessing your unique strengths. The BP10 assessment provides you with actionable insights to differentiate your business and thrive in a competitive landscape.


Boost Your Business Performance

Learn how to apply your talents in practical ways to drive business growth, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.


Personalized Coaching Session

Receive expert guidance with a one-on-one coaching session. Our certified coaches will help you interpret your BP10 results and create a personalized action plan to achieve your business objectives.


How It Works


Take the BP10 Assessment 

Spend just 30 minutes to complete the online assessment and uncover your top builder talents. 


Receive Your Detailed Report

Get an in-depth report that highlights your strengths and provides actionable insights tailored to your entrepreneurial journey.


Schedule Your Coaching Session

Work with a certified Gallup Coach to unpack your report and develop a personalised strategy that leverages your unique talents for maximum business impact.

Join thousands of small business owners who have discovered their true potential with Gallup's Builder Profile.


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