Manage Others

The future of work research shows millennials want to be coached, not managed. Let us help you to go from Boss to Coach in our Virtual Manager Programme.

"Helping your people play to their CliftonStrengths is the most time-effective way to improve their performance and engagement at work."


“When teams are able to see what they’re made of and the Strengths that are part of that team really come to the table, they are, they’re more cohesive, they’re a stronger team, they’re connected, and they really can leverage off of each other.

And the more that they take a deeper drive into that, it makes them more even powerful at what they’re doing. It almost kind of unleashes something that they never thought was possible before.

The Manager Experience

Top Challenges & Perks of Managers

Managers are the heart of your organisation. They communicate and uphold the standards of your culture and your brand. They can make or break any change initiative. Nearly every problem and achievement in your organisation can be tied back to the quality of your managers.

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The Virtual Manager Programme

Can you provide positive feedback, have critical conversations and get the best out of others?  Gallup research indicates that effective managers are able to establish expectations, be able to continually coach and create individual accountability.  Up to 70% of the variability in employee commitment scores is attributed to the actions of the managers.  The skills in this programme will enable managers to improve employee engagement by up to 20%.

How Managers Boost Performance

Maximise your team’s potential using CliftonStrengths

The future of the workplace is developing and coaching people to be the best version of themselves.  That’s not easy.  But the CliftonStrengths assessment and coaching resources make it easier.

Give Employees The CliftonStrengths Assessment

One assessment can change everything for your team. Provide everyone with a CliftonStrengths access code and discover their unique sequence of 34 CliftonStrengths themes.

Position Them To Thrive Using Their Talents

Structure your team in ways that empower your employees to do what they do best.  Understanding and using their natural talents positions them to be much stronger than the sum of their parts.

Coach Them With Conversations That Improve Performance

Attend Gallup’s Leading High-Performance Teams course and learn how to use CliftonStrengths to engage employees and boost performance.

Transform Your Organisation’s Culture, Starting With Your Team

The C-suite sets the tone for the type of culture they want. But teams like yours deliver on that vision.  Explore how you can be an integral part of developing a strengths-based culture inside your organisation.