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How a strengths-based discussion with a Gallup Certified Coach can help you?

The best coaches help others to open the door to their potential.

What A Gallup Certified Coach Does

Gallup Certified coaches help you to learn how to succeed with your unique CliftonStrengths.  If Roger Federer needs a coach, we do too. People have to have coaches in their lives to create excellence.

So you’ve gotten this amazing assessment, but it doesn’t stop there.  You have to be able to look at that and think about practical application.  And sometimes that’s hard to do as an individual, because you’re still learning about what Strengths is all about.

What a great coach does is help those things come alive for you and really help you think about what are things that keep you up at night.  What are things that you struggle with?  When do you think your Strengths get in the way?  How do your Strengths get more optimised?

How A Gallup Certified Coach Can Help You

A great coach helps you sort through the challenges that you’re facing, think through what’s really causing it as well as what your are goals and what you want to do.  A certified coach helps you to think about it and provide you with a perspective based on who YOU are.

You get an opportunity to do something that is already within you and a coach just helps you to really highlight it and think about what you do.

A coach helps you to move from a space of being stuck to a space of oh, I’ve got some strategies.  I’ve got a place, I’ve got some ideas, I’ve got some suggestions of things to try, so I can go from this reality into this aspiration.

A coach helps you to give permission to yourself to really be yourself and have your own style, your own method, your own ways of achieving particular things.

A coach empowers you to deploy yourself in the best possible way.  A coach gives you a sense of confidence in how you might embrace a particular challenge or embrace a particular difficulty and be, well, more intentional in how you can get stuff done and be more effective.

Develop your strengths - build your potential!

How do CliftonStrengths help you in your career?

“Professionally, it literally changed the course of my career. In my previous role, my manager and I were butting heads, my performance reviews were not glowing, I was constantly frustrated, being told to kind of sit in the corner and don’t challenge the status quo and why can’t you just sit there and get your work done?”

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What do people discover during coaching?

They quickly discover it’s not just for them; that it really spills over into every aspect of their life.  So they become better parents, better spouses, better partners, better colleagues, better leaders, better managers.   Watching them kind of step up into their responsibilities with more strength and more confidence, more power, I think that’s what I love about coaching.

You saved my job.  You saved my family.  No one’s ever asked me that before.  I’ve never thought about that before.  Thank you for being honest.  Thank you for being direct.  I know I’m a better leader.  I know I’m a better manager.  I know I treat people differently.  I know I get better results.

The reality is when we know who we are, we are just going to be better at what we do.  So when we understand the dynamics of how we get things done or how we foster relationships or how we think, there’s just something magic when we understand who we are.

Because it translates, then, into what we do every day.  So having those conversations with people, helping them think through really and truly what it is about them that gives them energy and fulfillment and having them put that into some sort of practice as they think about what they do every day, that’s a fun job.”

When we know who we are, we are just going to be better at what we do.   How we get things done or how we foster relationships or how we think, there’s just something magic when we understand who we are.

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