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BEINGHUMANGROUP™ is an official Gallup Strategic Licensee and Gallup Global Strengths Coaching Certification trainer in Africa (English).

Your strengths influence the way you view the world, what motivates you and the things you value.

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BEINGHUMANGROUP™ has trained over 400 Gallup Global Strengths Coaches in Africa. 

We've worked with these great organisations

Tumelo Mogase
Business Coach, Mentor & Investor

"I became a Gallup Strengths Coach because I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations, unearth their talents and identify their strengths as a tool to optimize and maximize their purpose and objectives in life."

Scott Tapson
Talent and Sourcing

"After BHG's strengths training with our managers, we saw change in how managers viewed themselves. They also saw their own impact on the business. It's a week after training completed, and the managers have already started to implement what they've learned."

Foluso Gbadamosi
Executive Director

"I became a Gallup Strengths Coach because I love helping people find their unique Super Powers. After the discovery stage, I love coaching them in their journey towards becoming the Best Version of themselves as they intentionally use and develop their natural talents."

Amina Meera
Global Learning Professional

"I became a Gallup Global Strengths Coach because I love working with people and changing lives. Going on a journey to discover my strengths was a remarkable experience for me, so I knew I had to touch as many lives as possible to ensure we are all living with a purpose."

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