Become a Credible
Gallup Global Strengths Coach

This Strengths Coaching Certification Package helps you to:

Coach Individuals to 

- Understand their Signature, Dominant and Lesser themes;

- Understand theme multi-dimensionality, pairs, innovation and dynamics;

- Use strengths to perform in the 7 key competency areas.

Coach Managers to 

- Understand their strengths blindspots;

- Individualise their management approach;

- Build a strengths-based team.

Coach Teams to 

- Understand their team's strengths;

- Form strengths-based partnerships;

- Get the best from each member's strengths contributions.

Coaching Tools

- 49 Coaching Tools;

- 4 Digital Toolkits;

- Physical materials;

- 12 Learning-in-Action modules

- Over 300 video resources on applying CliftonStrenghts to countless topics like burnout, wellbeing, performance, etc. 

Continuous Development

(exclusive to Gallup Certified Coaches)

- Annual learning series;

- Masterclasses with expert CliftonStrengths coaches across the globe;

- Community of over 11,000 Gallup-Certified Coaches globally.

Discounted Codes

- Discounts on 350 CliftonStrengths codes per year, to the value of approximately R50,250.


Listen to what Percy Fick, Managing Director at Evolve, had to say about his experience at the Gallup Certification Course.

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