Strengths-based education for your organisation

CliftonStrengths education inspires exceptional performance and creates strengths-based cultures.

Are you passionate about people development in your organisation?

Want to increase performance in your employees, teams, and managers?

Do you want to work on what’s right with people instead of what’s wrong?

Strengths-based training

Understanding Your Strengths

This highly interactive workshop provides grounding for the unique strengths and contributions of each team member. It teaches them a better understanding of their Top 5 Strengths and how it filters their world.

  • 4 hours (2 hours over 2 days);
  • Start With Talent; Finish With Strength (introducing the strengths-based development
  • Help each person start to explore his or her greatest talents through different exercises
  • Strengths - productive vs disruptive
  • Forming strengths partnerships
  • The Team Strengths Grid and how to use the team's strengths intentionally to improve performance


Strengths Team Dynamics

Using the unique Stakeholder Triangle, the Team Dynamics Workshop will show your team members how they can use their strengths to: 

  • Add value on a daily basis;
  • Communicate with one another in a strengths-based way;
  • Form strengths-based partnerships that brings out the best in them.


Strengths Masterclasses

The strengths masterclass series are for teams and groups who have completed any strengths-based training and would like a refresher. Masterclasses are offered in the following topics and are 2 hours long:

  • Sales
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Influence

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Strengths-based Leadership training

  • Manager Bootcamp
  • Coaching Insights for Leaders
  • Managers Matter
  • 9 Conversations for Leaders 
  • Strengths Champions

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